About Corbett

About CorbettIt was a cold, wintry night – the same night that would decide our fates in our lives. When my best friend Tom and I went to the Las Vegas casinos for my Bachelor party, we gambled our hearts out for certain. But when we traveled back home and when I got married the good times didn’t last.

My wife and I were definitely experiencing financial difficulties. When we were on welfare, I would always think about the day when Tom and I went to the casino, and had the time of our lives.

I mentally scoffed at all the owners. And then it struck me: if the people owning those casinos could make a living from owning casinos, then why couldn’t I? Better yet, I thought I could do better.

Physical casinos are limited to one location, and limited locations equals limited service. I believed that I would be able to attract more customers by using the oh-so-wonderful creation in the 21st century – the Internet and so the hunt and love for the toponlinecasinos started.

Right then and there, I decided to start with my best buddy. I had to do minimum-wage labor for a while to obtain enough money to buy a web domain, but when I finally got enough cash, I was set-to-go in no time.

Another college buddy of mine, a Computer Science undergrad, agreed to help me get the site going. After about a year of getting everything set up, I was finally in business. And soon, my customers accumulated.

I had enough money to upgrade the server offer, so that we could upgrade and expand now, we are on this website. I can now happily declare that my wife and are officially off of welfare, and are living quite comfortably.

We even decided to have children. Sara was born in 2010, and James was born in 2011. We are now living in peace, ease, and tranquility. I hope to share such peace and tranquility with you, the visitor of this website, so that you can have fun as well


Russell Corbett